May 21, 2004

Gnome 2.6: the spactial browser

Re: Gnome 2.6: What were you thinking? is a mailing list post about the new Gnome 2.6 file manager switching to a spatial window system (like Mac OS classic) from a browser window system (like Windows 98 onwards). He states:

When I want to *manage* files, spatial nautilus rules. It's so much nicer to handle moving things around, renaming, making dirs, *opening files*, etc. I emphasize "opening files" because that activity was simply too slow to use the nautilus browser for, whereas it's actually possible to use spatial nautilus for that.

When I want to *browse* around for files, then (unsurprisingly) the browser works better.

I think that this shows the difference between real ease of use and simply initial does it fit what I'm used to habit (by being like Windows). Windows is not the be all and end all of usablity by any stretch of the imagination and it's browser as file manager was not even included to aid usability, it was included so that they could claim wrongly that the browser was an intergral part of the OS and could not be removed. Personally I use column view in Mac OS X as my primary way of navigating and manipulating the filesystem (not it's browser like view), and would use the spatial option if it could be turned on globally.